Wir tun das Gleiche
wie andere, aber anders.
Verifizierte Technik. Veritec AG.

VERITEC AG is a small to mid-size company which develops and implements standard
and universal solutions in the field of general plant and equipment design and construction.

Our activities focus on:

  • Plant design and construction
  • Materials handling technology
  • Tile-making systems
  • Special-purpose systems
  • Contracting
  • Engineering
  • Costumer service

We transform
ideas into reliable engineering solutions; we manufacture technical products, put them into operation and
learn from experiences fot the future. Many of our projects have an essentially non-repetitive character.

It is therefore all the more important to offer our customers transparency
in terms of engineering and costs even before launching a project.

Our long-time staff have accumulated experience and broad know-how in the field of plant and equipment
construction, which are our most important assets. We make continuous efforts to ensure top flexibility,
to meet challenges and to adjust to the rapid changes and movements in our markets.

As a supplier to industry in the field of plant and equipment construction, we know what it means to operate
such systems 24hours a day throughout the year.

We have staffed and structured our sales, desgin, production, installation, spare parts
and after-sales service departments to cater for this need.


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