Wir tun das Gleiche
wie andere, aber anders.
Verifizierte Technik. Veritec AG.

For engobing and glazing clay roof goods in the roof tile industry.
We supply systems from our standard product range as well as customer-specific solutions.
VERITEC systems are distinctly different from those offered by competitors:

  • Lower paint consumption thanks to lower loss of paint:
    Smaller paint volumes are required for obtaining the desired product.
  • Easy operation:The systems are easy to operate and understand.
    The product formulas are retrieved from the computer memory for processing.
  • Automation:The high level of automation relieves the operator of most responsibility.
    Sources of errors are essentially eliminated. A strict, dictated working style is required
    for operating the system and is automatically monitored.
  • Stable, consistent quality of the clay goods: The high level of automation in conjunction
    with easy operation of the system allows a consistent and stable end product quality to be achieved.











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