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VERITEC AG now offers two different series of genuine wear parts.
When we supply new systems and equipment, we typically offer the First-Line series as the standard
version. Customer queries concerning an increase in machine life cycles have now prompted
us to offer an additional series, called Hard-Line.

These wear parts are provided with an additional wear-resistant
hard facing. First-Line and Hard-Line are compatible with each other.
We often find that companies operating solely in the wear protection business tend to hard-face
components as much as possible. This occasionally results in anti-wear products which are not
matched to the requirements and to the specific application and are sometimes applied to the wear
part where they are not needed.


„Wear Protection ........Yes!.......as much as necessary, not so much as possible“
VERITEC AG has accumulated experience from a large number of installed systems and system
components. This provides the basis for offering customers carefully considered wear protection
products which are tailored to their specific needs.
VERITEC AG not only offers wear protection products for the genuine wear parts of its own products,
but also for third-party products.

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