Wir tun das Gleiche
wie andere, aber anders.
Verifizierte Technik. Veritec AG.

Key dates of VERITEC AG

1990          Establishment of the individually-owned company “Veritec Ingenieurunternehmen” by Arnold Gsponer,
                  with headquarters in Oberuzwil

1991          Patrik Gsponer (son of Arnold Gsponer) joins the company; the workshop is opened in Oberuzwil

1993          Establishment of the company Veritec AG, Anlagen- und Gerätebau

1994          Workshop is installed in Bürerfeld in Oberbüren

1994          Company moves to new offices “Im Lindengarten” in Oberuzwil

1995          Share capital is increased

1999          Marc Gsponer (son of Arnold Gsponer) joins the company

2000          Investment in and switch to CAD workstations (3-D Inventor, Autodesk)

2010          Number of employees: 25

2011          Installation of a central vacuum-filter-system for the evacuation of the welding-smell from 6 welding stations

2012          Extension of the infrastructure (160m2) for the metal cutting

2014          Implantion of new offices for the work-shop staff in the factory Oberbüren



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