Wir tun das Gleiche
wie andere, aber anders.
Verifizierte Technik. Veritec AG.


Success and efficiency are the results of satisfied customers
always bears this in mind, taking customers’ concerns and requirements seriously.
Incorpoating our customers’ know-how and experience in the further development of our
products is a high priority in our company.


Knowing the market, analysing weaknesses and making improvements
VERITEC is critical when assessing its own products and those of competitors.
We recognise weaknesses and are capable of learning from and verifying experiences.
Our company adjusts continuously to changes in the marketplace.



Employees are the heart of our company
VERITEC employees have technical and specialist competencies and always act in the interest
of the company and its customers. Our employees’ knowledge, flexibility and skills are applied
and developed in a targeted manner.



Relationship with suppliers
VERITEC knows the importance of reliable and competent suppliers and therefore maintains
relationships with them that are based on partnership. We strive for a high level ofself-responsibility
and conscientiousness, which we also demand of our suppliers.


Our values               

Thoughts and actions
VERITEC bases its thoughts and actions on ethical values, social aspects andenvironmental protection.


Our goal 
VERITEC is fair in its dealings with customers, employees and suppliers alike.
Our company achieves healthy organic growth and continuously expands its position both on
a national and an international scale.










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