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Switzerland’s small and mid-size companies with up to 250 employees are the country’s economic mainstay.
Of the almost four million jobs in Switzerland, three quarters are provided by small and mid-size companies.

Many small and mid-size companies risk being shut down over the next few years because:

  • no or no suitable successors are available in the family or company
  • no possibility or preparedness exists for the company to continue its activities or to be taken over by its employees
  • the company owner falls ill or dies

This means that many innovations, products and networks are lost.

We are addressing small and mid-size companies and entrepreneurs operating in the field of plant and equipment
design and construction or in mechanical engineering who are facing the situation described or a similar situation
and are seeking ways and means to pass on their life’s work to a suitable successor.

We are also seeking additional new activities and challenges that fit in with our basic values and knowledge in plant
and equipment design and construction and match us as a manufacturing and sales company.
We are accustomed to innovative and flexible work and are therefore capable of adjusting to new tasks.

Should you be interested, please contact our company management.

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