Wir tun das Gleiche
wie andere, aber anders.
Verifizierte Technik. Veritec AG.

As the name suggests, customers approach us with a “black box” problem,
which we then transform in three steps into a special-purpose solution:

Step 1:
Preliminary project study /
finding of a solution
Finding of a solution in our company with our in-house engineering
staff and in close collaboration with the customer.
Step 2:
Cost analysis / financing
Costing and quotation by our sales staff, collaboration with banks
and insurance companies, and customer support throughout the project.
Step 3:
Project implementation /
performance guarante 
Veritec AG strives to generate as much value-added as possible in-house,
although of course we also rely on powerful partner suppliers.
We are committed to our performance guarantee and long-time
customer satisfaction.


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